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“The firm is known in the marketplace for its integrity, unyielding tenacity, dedication, and ability to close transactions. We are proud of our credentials, reputation, track record, and client references.”
Lawrence M. Fogel
The Company
A History of Success
Fogel International, Inc. is noted for its extensive database of Buyers and Investors, which covers virtually every conceivable industry and sub-industry category. This proprietary database has been cultivated over the last 45 years and includes a substantial number of the country’s premier Buyers. These Buyers and Investors are committed to acquiring both large and small companies and have substantial cash in place available to consummate transactions.

The Power of Influence
Fogel International, Inc., with its old-line relationships to entities seeking acquisitions and investments, can immediately present client Sellers with appropriate Buyers. Our extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions enable us to structure transactions to meet the Sellers’ objectives and remain within the Buyers’ criteria. Our Buyers understand the Seller’s business. In many cases, the Seller is able to obtain substantial liquidity while maintaining important ownership in the business.

Further, Fogel International, Inc. has in-depth knowledge and capability in achieving private-placement capital for growth companies. This includes both equity and/or debt financing for Client Companies. Fogel International, Inc., has been instrumental in also achieving capital restructuring and financing for operating companies ranging from seed to later stage. Fogel International, Inc. works directly with a multitude of financing sources and positions Client Companies to attract available capital.

Client Services
Client-based relationships include value-added services such as merger/acquisition advisory, private placement consulting, research, strategic planning, marketing strategies and systems for cash flow management. Fogel International, Inc. draws upon its contacts and relationships with leading business people, who have outstanding credentials in literally all facets of business to work for the benefit of Client Companies.

Mergers And Acquisitions
Fogel International, Inc. is uniquely positioned to assist our Client Buyers in identifying and acquiring basic manufacturing, distribution, service, and technology companies. Our Client Sellers are advised to develop a range of exit strategies, including total or partial sale or merger of their business entity. This is where Fogel International, Inc.’s team can assist in initiating, structuring, valuing, negotiating and implementing complex transactions.

Areas of Focus in Technology are as follows:
Software & Services

  • Cloud Computing - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Virtualization Technologies - Desktop, Application, Service, Memory, Storage, Data, Database, Network Virtualization
  • Enterprise Software - ERP, EAI, DW/BI, Middleware, Collaboration
  • Storage
  • Mobile Applications
  • IT Services & Consulting (business services)
  • IT Enabled Services - BPO, RPO, LPO
  • Video Games & Entertainment Software
  • Network & Security Software
  • Financial Technology
  • Healthcare IT
Infrastructure, Internet & Digital Media
  • Outsourced Data Centers
  • ASPs
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • SANs
  • Interactive Media
  • E-commerce & Retail services
  • On-line Gaming
  • Search Applications
  • Internet Advertising
  • Semiconductors & Components
  • Capital Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Services
  • Computer Systems, Storage & Peripherals
  • Semiconductor Infrastructure & IP
  • IT & services
  • Security services
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
Capitalization and Strategic Planning
Fogel International, Inc. is experienced in business planning, strategic evaluation and has the necessary relationships and access to capital and resources.

Strategic Alliances and Partnering Transactions
Fogel International, Inc. recognizes that forming strategic alliances and partnerships can often achieve a Client’s objectives. These transactions provide access to capital and business resources necessary to support key objectives. Further, we provide expert advice in structuring and negotiating optimum strategic alliances.

Equity and Debt Capitalization
Fogel International, Inc. has long-term established relationships with entities that provide capital for seed, early and mature stage companies.

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